First Class Agent Verification - Annual Subscription

First Class Agent Verification - Annual Subscription

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To become a Verified First Class Agent, you will first need to ensure that you meet the following criteria:

1) You have a valid Real Estate Licence in your respective province or state.

2) You are in good standing with your respective governing body and have not received any fines or had any disciplinary action in the past 5 years.

3) You have complete a minimum of 10 transactions.

The above information will be verified by our team and we may request additional documentation from an agent in order to complete the verification process.  Documents may include a copy of your Real Estate Licence and a matrix performance report.

The verification process takes between 5 and 7 business days.  The process with be repeated each year upon annual renewal.   You will receive an email once it is complete.

Once verified you will be entitled to the following benefits and more:

BONUS - FCA Card and Offline Networking.  Use your FCA card to replace traditional business cards and track your in person networking efforts.  The FCA card will remain active throughout the duration of your subscription.  You will receive your card approximately 1 week after verification is complete.

1) Access to enhanced visitor profile statistics.  See agents, professionals and clients that have viewed your profile and added you to their contact lists.

2) Have clients request a call directly from your profile. Manage call back requests.

3) Search score and rankings, see how you compare to other agents locally and nationally.

4)  Receive 1 additional specialization slot if upgrading from a premium account, or 3 additional slots if upgrading from a basic account.

5) Move up in search results, verified agents are always listed ahead of unverified agents in all search results.

6) Verified First Class Agent status and badge on profile.

7) Verified Achievement section on profile. 

8) Create and Manage a Team of Agents.